Rio 2016 Fantasy Olympics

Click below to register for our Fantasy Olympics 2016. Once you register, we will email you a link to start building your team.
Registration fee: $10

Registration closes August 4th!

Most of us will never have the opportunity to compete in the Olympics, but now you can experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat through our fantasy game! We’re fresh out of medals, but there will be prizes for the highest ranking teams! Be on the look out as we update our prize list and check out the Rules below for a full description of how the game works.

Prizes Include:

  • A Variety Season Pass for 2 – 2 complimentary tickets to all Variety events (Bet With Heart, You’ve Gotta Have Heart, Open Your Heart, etc)
  • A collection of Pono jewelry
  • A limited edition Variety necklace by Carolyn Gang
  • More to come!


  • Once you receive the link to complete your submission, please select the country you believe will capture a medal for each sport. Countries are listed alphabetically along with the number of athletes competing from their delegations.
  • For sports categories with one or more medal event, unless a specific event is named (i.e. Women’s Team Gymnastics) you will be awarded points for any medals the country receives in that category for both men’s and women’s competitions.
  • Scoring is as follows: Gold medals are worth 5 points, Silver medals are worth 3 points, Bronze medals are worth 1 point.
  • Rankings will be updated daily and are available to view here http://goo.gl/forms/Uvm46jUnxXxDiFIG2.
  • The tie breaker question will be used at the end of competition in the event of a tie for places awarded prizes.

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