Our Impact

Transforming The Lives Of Children Through The Arts

In the past 5 years, Variety New York has supported over 25 organizations. In 2011/2012 alone, Variety New York is supporting 14 grantees and over 10,000 children and youth in the Tri-State area. Youth participating in grantee programs demonstrate the following results:

In addition to the facts and figures behind our work, we measure success in the life changing experiences of Variety’s children. Here are a few success stories from our grantees:

Navaeh’s Story

In 2010, a little girl Navaeh was almost 2 years old was unable to walk, talk or respond to her surroundings. When Navaeh’s frantic grandmother reached out to Variety New York’s grantee the Association to Benefit Children, the organization placed Navaeh in their early childhood program and used a variety of media and strategies to get Navaeh on track. Variety’s support helped wake up Navaeh’s senses with an assortment of art therapies and now she is ready to enter a mainstream pre-school.

Jesa’s Story

Jesa was a super quiet student, primarily because she’s a recent immigrant to the US and speaks very little English.  She’s had some bad experiences with teachers and has felt ignored in class or not acknowledged because of her struggles with language.  Jesa participated in Opening Act’s theater program where she learned to embrace her background and share her identify as an Hispanic girl. Together with another participant they even conducted a scene in Spanish. At the end of the program, supported by Variety, Jesa not only found her physical voice, but her personal identity.


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