Youth Stories: Chloe of Kids Creative


Here is Chloe’s story in her own words: I have always had a dream to be in the arts and now at 10 years old I am very serious about it. When I grow up, I hope to make my living as a professional artist and Kids Creative has helped me realize that that is a possibility. I want to be a singer, actor, and dancer because those are my true passions. (Especially singing)

I have been attending Kids Creative summer camp since I was 5 years old, so that would be 5 years. (I also got some math skills up my sleeve!!!) Since I was 5, Kids Creative has helped me with acting, singing, and even dancing. It is probably why I am so passionate about the arts; but my mom helped me too. She is an amazing actress and singer. (I don’t think I get my dancing skills from her though!). She is also why I go out on auditions. She got me my first manager and agent when I was a baby. Now  I work with this guy named Barry Kolker (and he helps me get the big roles). I used to be kind of shy but with Kids Creative I have become more outgoing. I am able to relax and let go when I go on auditions.  There was a time when I didn’t feel comfortable auditioning so I took time off from it. But after some more camp sessions at Kids Creative, I started loosening up and I asked my mom to be in show business again. Now I have been booking lots of commercials and hope to soon be the voice on a new Nickelodeon cartoon. I’m auditioning for Broadway too. I also got a call back for Matilda. I really am doing this.

Kids Creative is not only a passion for me though, they also must like me because they picked me to go to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and say a speech about how they have inspired me in the arts!! Before Kids Creative, I never saw myself being able to speak in front of all those people.  My speech went like this, “Because of you I feel free to express my feelings artistically. I have always been afraid to show the talents I have and Kids Creative opened up my eyes through singing, acting, and writing. I am also able to think very creatively. Thank you Kids Creative!” I did that speech in front of like 2,000 people!!! And Kids Creative staff was right there cheering me on. It was amazing. I’ll never forget how they made me feel so comfortable expressing myself in front of all those people.

The reason why I think my mom put me in Kids Creative was because they are so focused on the arts and I think she knew I would love it. She is right though. Kids Creative, in my opinion, is the best summer camp ever!!! (Especially if you want to be involved in the arts.)

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