Meet Mikayla

Meet Mikayla

Meet Mikayla, an 8-year-old who is described by her Mom, Michelle, as a “ray of sunshine who is always smiling and always so excited” who “loves playing with her brother”.

Mikayla has Cerebral Palsy and because of that she can’t walk or stand without support but that’s her plan and goal! So to help Mikayla reach her goal, we’re giving her a specially-made bike (which costs over $3,000!) to help her strengthen her muscles.

“This bike would let her play more with her brother and be so much more independent”

To help Mikayla, we’re hosting a cocktail party with The Motion Picture Club next Wednesday! 2 hours of food, beer, and wine, before a special free advance screening of a major studio film. Ticket sales go towards buying this bike which we will present to Mikayla on the night!

I would love it if you could come and support us to help Mikayla. Tickets available at

If you can’t come but would love to help, you can also make a donation to Variety here:


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