Variety’s 2021 Mobility Challenge

We here at Variety the Children’s Charity-New York have got to get our kids moving again!

The demand is high and we need your help to provide the resources to purchase bikes, wheelchairs, strollers, carts and lifts to put a smile on each Variety Child

Each Variety Child has different needs and with that comes a cost to build a specific resource for that child. Whether it is a specialized wheelchair, bike or stroller each customized resource is specifically built for that child to enhance their life.

Unfortunately insurance or government programs do not always cover the cost for the family.

This is where we need your help!

Variety’s Freedom Program delivers vital life-changing equipment and services for mobility, independence and social inclusion to children in need. Together through the Freedom program, we change children’s lives by granting items and services that provide independence, mobility and freedom. We can make a difference in every Variety Child’s life and we challenge you to step up!

The Variety Mobility Challenge

Every Campaign Share-Donation-Person Influenced-Video Watched is going to help every Variety Child.

For that we want to make it FUN and CHALLENGING.

The more you share-donate-influence people into this campaign the more we can help the children in need and the higher you will climb up the leaderboard.

The Winner at the end of the campaign as shown on the Campaign page leaderboard of the categories:

  • Most Money Raised- Will receive a $100.00 gift card from Showcase Cinemas
  • Most People Influenced- Will receive a $100.00 gift card from Showcase Cinemas
  • Largest Individual Donor over $200.00 will receive a 10-Class Pack at the Jersey City Pure Barre Location ($240.00 Value)

(In case of a tie the leader with the most shares will become the winner)

The Variety Children need your help to get this pandemic behind us and get our kids mobile again! SO LET’S GET MOVING!

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