Meet Kheydan, our Freedom Day Recipient 2019

Variety New York Kheydan Freedom Day

Meet Kheydan! This incredible young man received a new bike from Variety New York that was custom made just for him!

Kheydan can now inclusively play with his friends, get himself around, and is our #FreedomDay recipient for 2019!

Freedom Day is a one-day event when all Variety Tents in the North America Region give-away a Freedom device delivering vital-life changing equipment and services for mobility, independence, and social inclusion.

We couldn’t have done it without the help of Freedom Concepts who measure, fit and customize all elements of the bike so kids like Kheydan can utilize it in the best way possible:

Every adaptive bicycle we build is designed for mobility, therapy, recreation, fun and freedom! Our adaptive bikes are built through the feedback we receive from parents, riders, consumers and therapists in the medical industry. 

Freedom Concepts

Kheydan LOVES his new bike, so thank you for all of your support in making this possible!!

Thanks also to the Motion Picture Club who invited Variety to their yearly golf day to present the bike to Kheydan!

If you would like to support a child like Kheydan in New York, Connecticut, or New Jersey, please make a donation using the link below.

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